Sunday, May 24, 2009

i had time today to start some new music.

i'm writing another album for the atmos trio.

i'll finish the next two trio albums, then record again with atmos in january.

i was so happy with the results last time, it makes sense to come back and do another, hopefully with even more experience behind me.

i think 3 trio albums will be enough work to keep me busy for the next 18 months.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i just finished mastering an album for prefecture records. it should be out soon. it features the music of alex vittum and paul kikuchi. other performers include daniel carter and brian drye.

the music is a combination of live performances, studio recordings, prepared instruments and electronically processed and edited sounds. i was happy to work on this music, i never tired of it even though i must have heard it dozens of times.
the album with alex vittum is finished. i'm happy about it.

you can hear it here.

i'm starting rehearsals with alex for another one. that will most likely be the last of my duet/drum and bass series. i'd like to record this one before the end of july. the music is finished, i have to work the arrangements. khabu doug young is going to be involved, we're working that out right now. check out his music here.

i'm finishing music for a trio that consists of myself, matt belzer and scott tiemann. i've worked with them on this album, in addition to other projects in the past 15 years. this will hopefully be recorded by the end of the calendar year.

Friday, October 17, 2008


i just finished mixing the jazz album i did with joe shotwell. but i just upgraded my audio interface and i'm switching to 'logic', so i'm going to re-mix the jazz album.

after that i'm going to finish the album i started with alex vittum.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

on the 24th i went back to sharkbite studios in oakland and tracked two albums worth of music. it was a bit of a long day. adam myatt engineered.
joe shotwell showed up around 11 am, we got some great sounds pretty quickly. the music could be categorized as jazz.
alex vittum came after joe, getting there around 4 pm. after swapping out some bass drums, things went quickly. this music was less swing-like. alex and i had done maybe one gig together in vermont, some sessions in ny and some playing sessions here. this was our first recording together.

most likely the first album (done with joe) will be done at the end of august, the second the end of october. i'll have to keep note of this to see how close i stay on this schedule.

Monday, June 9, 2008

i booked some time june 24th again at sharkbite studios. ryan - owner and adam are great people. the studio boasts a trident board that carried signal for steely dan's aja and the pink floyd's the wall. adam knows how to use it.

i'm recording two small projects- one with drummer joe shotwell early in the day, the other with alex vittum later in the day. these two projects will both consist of only bass and drums.

not that i don't want a guitarist- namely rob michael, it's just that i have all this guitar-istic playing that needs to be recorded. as a result, these will both be challenging projects. 80% of the material is new, the other 20% is music that i abandoned for lack of a proper recording situation.

look for the next album by mid-august, the second the end of september.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 months later...

been working with robin lynn at a studio in venice beach, or at least a couple blocks away.
robin and i started working on some songs months ago and we've been getting together every 3-4 weeks trying to refine the arrangements and so some preliminary recordings. we'll continue this at the end of june.

i've continued to work with suzanna smith, making some videos at expressions in emeryville- a recording and video facility. this was with the atmos trio.